G4BOX Metin2 US To End Service, Gameforge Offers A New Home 

Posted: March 02, 2013, 04:42:27 AM by Dweia

Announced recently on both Gameforge and G4BOX official forums, G4BOX will no longer operate their Metin2 USMetin2 US server.

All is not lost for players however,  as Gameforge is stepping up and providing a new home for them. A tool will be provided that any player who wishes to transfer to Gameforge's US server must use, if they want to survive the end of G4BOX's server. Yes, from the sounds of it, the transfers are manual.

Certain item shop features for G4BOX's Metin2 server have already been disabled, and the server itself will stop operation on April 2nd. I guess ending on April 1st would just be too cruel. An earlier version of G4BOX/Z8Games' closure announcement said that both the Free Kingdom and New World Metin2 US servers would merge onto Gameforge's Metin2 US server, however this has now been retracted. As Gameforge's US offering only has one server though, this still seems like the logical conclusion.

Disparities between the servers such as differing item names will be taken over by Gameforge data. Stats and items that are unique to G4BOX's offering like vs and resist (class) stats on items, +5 spirit stones and the like are still under discussion. Refugee players will of course be able to access the new content pack.

More info is expected as the closure and moving dates draw nearer. Z8Games/G4BOX and Gameforge both have threads on their respective boards that should receive further info as the days go on - be sure to check the source links.

Via G4BOX US Board & Gameforge US Board

No Black Friday Sales For Metin2 US This Year 

Posted: November 24, 2012, 09:04:29 PM by Dweia

One thing that consumers and retailers both look for and perhaps dread each year is black Friday, and the Metin2 USMetin2 US server has always gotten in on the action.

Aptly so, being named Metin2 US. Black Friday comes the day after thanksgiving, and starts the holiday shopping season. Large discounts are always to be found, and some players will save up their item mall points all year round to stock up on the special day.

Well, they're in for disappointment this year, as Black Friday has come and passed without any mention from Metin2 US staff. To some this may not have come as so much of a surprise, what with the staff seemingly forgetting recently that Halloween exists, apparently having to be reminded.

You can follow a thread chronicling players' expectations and responses here. Perhaps there will still be an end of year sale?

Epic Weapons To Become Even More Epic 

Posted: November 18, 2012, 08:34:50 PM by Dweia

Gameforge's currently running 5th test server is currently the most up to date with the newest content, and thus acts as an example of what's to come in future updates for real servers. One interesting thing to arise is the existence of some new weapons, and what's more interesting is their source - Epic Weapons.

Entire details aren't clear yet, such as the way that stats like level requirement or attack power and so on might change as the new weapon is upgraded, and indeed, these stats vary anyways between "normal" epic weapons on the servers of various publishers. One thing for definite though is the progression of the weapons. Here's a handy chart:

So what do these "new epics" offer? In reality, not much - it appears they only add an additional "strong against monsters" stat to the existing "strong vs half-human or demi-human" stat. This would make epic weapons better all-rounders.

Interestingly, their starting level is 87. This could possibly mean that they end up being level 99 when at +9, if the current epic weapon levels (80 to 92) are followed. When an epic weapon is changed into a new epic weapon, unfortunately the behaviour of the built in demi-human stat is not like what happens with epic boots - it resets, instead of continues. A new epic weapoin at +0 has only 2% vs Half Humans and 1% vs monsters. The attack speed likewise falls back.

Other weapons are also included in this "new epic" state, though they're not made from existing epic weapons. For example, the Soul Stealing Blade becomes a Solar Blade, with the same characteristics as described above.

What do you think of these new epics? Worth the effort of getting an "original" epic to +9? Or would you prefer to have seperate PVP and PVM weapons?

Many thanks to [QA]JeFo for help getting the info right!

Gameforge's 5th Test Server - Part 3 

Posted: November 18, 2012, 04:43:38 PM by Dweia

In the video below you can see some random fighting, as well as one of the new Metin stones. Like those Metins found in the Devil's Catacomb, these are larger. It took quite a lot of exploring to actually find one, and as you can see, they're quickly swarmed upon. Later on you'll see a new ore / alchemist system, though it's not fully implemented.

There are a whole lot of new items included in the new content, with icons to go with them. Our Icon Database has been updated from the Test Server client, with many new icons inside. 310 to be precise! Though some aren't related to the new update, most appear to be. Here is every new icon:

Perhaps most exciting are finally some new weapons and armors. Every class has been catered for; there are two swords, one dagger, one bow, one bell and one fan. Here they are specifically:

New armors have also found their way into the game, again one for each class:

Here's how they look when worn in game:

Update: We've gone into more detail on the weapons in a new article here: Epic Weapons To Become Even More Epic

Gameforge's 5th Test Server - Part 2 

Posted: November 16, 2012, 07:54:35 PM by Dweia

Here you can see some actual discovery of the new areas. Graphically, they seem quite improved:

These are some huge open areas. Even with thousands of players, it's quite easy to find yourself alone in these huge maps. One problem that keeps happening is disconnection - either when changing between maps or when fighting. It appears to be getting better after recent maintenance though.

The new monsters look great. Longer time readers may recognise many of the monsters from YMIR's development plan, leaked way back in early 2011. Clearly a lot more effort has gone into this update than the Devil's Catacomb, which featured many re-skinned monsters.

The areas themselves also look good. There are few re-used textures, and many new modeled objects. It's clear that a lot of time has gone into each area.

As noted in the Initial reveal, a number of new ores have been added, in pretty colors:

Gameforge's 5th Test Server - Part 1 

Posted: November 15, 2012, 10:17:11 AM by Dweia

The time is finally upon us! The floodgates have opened, and the first flood of eager new players are busy messing around in the town on the test server. As there is not a single location where all players must be, like the entrance to the Devil's Catacomb on the 3rd test server, players here are naturally much more spread out. The lag is much less evident because of this, and those with weaker computers won't find it so awkward to play. There are still a lot of players though. According to Metin2 UKMetin2 UK staffer Azathor, the 4,000 account limit was reached in around 2 minutes.

As before, you'll receive two premade characters on your account - one each of the subclasses of the main class you chose on registration. We've gone with Sura, and will be playing the "mirage" type Sura. Here's a rundown of the gear:

Expect more updates to come soon!

Bugs Are The Reason Metin2 SG Is Behind On Updates 

Posted: November 14, 2012, 01:38:44 PM by Dweia

Many still associate Metin2 SGMetin2 SG with frequent updates and regular fixes. Though part of this reputation comes from the fact that SG started years later than other servers and thus had many updates to "catch up" with, the server has also occasionally been the first to come out with major new content.

This trend has begun to fail in more recent times however, much to the chagrin of the server's population. Newer updates that have been implemented or revealed on other servers are still nowhere to be found on the Singapore server. Other previously working/satisfactory content has been made worse, introducing problems with Demon Tower and the Aqua Dragon.

Metin2 SG founder [GA]Christopher has revealed why updates have stagnated on the server, putting it down to incompatibilities with the server's codebase and the new updates. Due to how Metin2 SG's in-house dev / tweak team have altered many aspects of the game over the past year or so, in order to introduce extra or non-standard features, this means that the new updates expect data that is no longer there or is no longer correct.

One way to fix this would be to simply revert to a "standard" Metin2 setup, though the Metin2 SG staff have decided to put effort into studying the updates in detail, in order to integrate them into Metin2 SG while keeping the server's unique tweaks. Here is the full explanation given by [GA]Christopher:

From mid 2011 to early 2012, Metin2 Singapore Development Team headed by BigSox were involved with studying the game layout of Metin2. We listen to all the suggestion and after understanding what is best for the game, we proceeded to customize some in-game features and tweak some part of the game content. We added a Mani-San Mountain, Budokan arena, Football map and a new boss in Red Wood Forest and Spider Dungeon 2. We altered the Dragon Room, Devil's Catacomb, Champion Helm and Epic Armors. We also changed many of the Quest reward and fixed several game bug such as the disconnection problem in Demon Tower, shortcut key for mount/dismount on horse and several other features which was seen as a welcome by the community.

From the 3rd quarter of 2012, we have been told that due to some alteration we have made from mid 2011 to early 2012, our game file is rejecting the updated content starting from the vitality system and the new costume system. Every month, we have a new update. The pet system, Halloween costume and Spider Dungeon 3 are already in the Test server. After many months of studying the new updates from our Developer, members of the Dev Team are now working everyday to fix all the bug as quickly as possible.

Note: When we received a new update/patch from our Developer, it crashes with the existing game file. Hence, it will take us more time to find a solution with the new updates taking over the existing game files and studying the behavior of the new content to recreate the alteration we have implemented from 2011.

We are thankful to everyone for your valuable feedback. Be assured we are not hiding anything. Everyone from the Company are now dedicated to Metin2 finding solution and working as fast as possible to bring you great update and a good game-play. On the positive side, our Developer from Ymir have been actively creating new content for the game and we believe it will come to Metin2 Singapore very soon before the end of the Year.



Via SG Board

Gameforge Adds Party Costumes, Limited Time Only 

Posted: November 14, 2012, 11:30:52 AM by Dweia

Metin Fortress 2 Comes Closer To Reality

Gameforge is about to add a number of party themed costumes and hats to its servers, a preview of which you can see above. Arriving tomorrow to an Item Shop near you, players can purchase the following gear:

Musketeer Costume
Extravagant suit in the musketeers' style.

Maid Uniform
Black dress with a white apron in the style of a French maid.

Salsa Suit
Skin-tight, orange-black suit for Latin-American dancers.

Salsa Dress
Skin-tight, red dance dress with black gloves.

Gentleman's Suit
Elegant suit for men of good conduct.

Cocktail Dress
Sky blue dress with a bow and matching strappy sandals.

Musketeer Hairstyle
Well-kept, short blond hairstyle for the perfect musketeer look.

Maid Bonnet
Blonde bob with a maid's bonnet.

Mini Mohawk
Cool, short haircut in a Iroquois style.

Salsa Bun
Elegant updo with a red flower.

Bogart Fedora
Classic fedora in the style of Humphrey Bogart.

Flower Hairstyle
Sweet braids with colourful flowers as an accessory.

Prices have been left out. Also, in what has become a rather depressing trend, these items are once again temporary only. The time that these items will be available is not given, though they're described as a "limited time" offer. Were Gameforge to run a poll, we suspect they might find that most players who want new content don't want to see new content removed again, soon after it arrives.

Via UK Board

Gameforge's 5th Test Server - Level 105, 4 New Areas, New Metins/Monsters/Items 

Posted: November 13, 2012, 03:57:43 PM by Dweia

Following on from previous test server efforts, that time comes again for Gameforge to let players have a hands-on experience with new content in a special environment, before content goes live to their home server.

This time the beta server is focused on a long-overdue and oft-announced but never implemented update, 99+ levels. On the test server, characters can be up to level 105. Not a huge improvement over 99, but a start nonetheless.

Besides a higher level cap come 4 (yes, 4!) new areas, along with new enemies and metins to populate them. Some new items are arriving too, with new ores and presumably a new bunch of accessories to socket them into.

Registrations open tomorrow, Wednesday November 14th, at 4PM. They'll close 2 days later or after 4,000 signups, whichever happens first. The server itself will open on Thursday, November 15th. As always, the URL will be beta.metin2.com, though it will only become accessible once registrations are open.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3JbIj8sZZg" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3JbIj8sZZg</a>

While many users will simply play with the new content for their own amusement, Gameforge is looking for feedback. Namely:
  • New character level: Fight against monsters until you level up to 100. Take a screen shot of your character overview and post it in one of the official test boards
  • Find new ores and Metin stones and check if they are in reachable positions. If you find one which is out of range, please take a screen shot (highlight the coordinates in the mini map) and post it in our Open Beta bord section
  • Graphic errors & glitches - check out the new maps and let us know if you find something unusual
  • General feedback - give us your first impressions about the new content and keep in mind that it is a test and not everything is finalized yet

Via UK Board

Metin2 Brazil Adds A 6th Dance - Gangnam Style 

Posted: November 05, 2012, 04:46:37 AM by Dweia

Yeah, the title says it all really. Here it is in action:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du7POUg5mxE" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du7POUg5mxE</a>

If you've been living under a rock the past few weeks, here is the Gangnam style video phenomenon:

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0</a>

Via Metin2 BR

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